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Writing To Solve Problems Essay Topics

Problem Solution Essay Topics List

A problem solution essay is one that identifies a specific problem and then provides a plan or a solution for the same. Like other essays, people often find it hard to decide on a topic especially when the instructor asks students to come up with their own topics. Students are always advised to select topics they are well acquainted with or something they are passionate about. Additionally, when writing an essay, it is also necessary to consider choosing a topic which has a viable or practical solution. Topic selection often determines a person’s grade and therefore, students should take their time instead of rushing to write on anything that comes to their minds first.

Here are topic examples to help you write your problem-solution essay:

  1. Discuss ways which can be used to stop social media bullying.
  2. How should the US approach the issue of undocumented immigration?
  3. Discuss ways which can be employed to solve the Syrian refugees’ issue.
  4. What are some of the steps that universities should take to prevent sexual assault?
  5. How should the US approach the issue of mass shootings?
  6. How can the rift between the police and communities be bridged?
  7. What can be done to stop police brutality?
  8. What can be done to help sensitize and get people out of abusive relationships?
  9. How can interpersonal communication be improved in today’s online world?
  10. How can depression be dealt with especially in teenagers and young adults?
  11. What can be done to help break down ethnical and cultural barriers?
  12. Discuss ways that can be used to help deal with bullies and manipulative individuals.
  13. How can suicidal people be sensitized and be encouraged to seek help and talk about their issues?
  14. Discuss ways that can be used to help prevent teenage pregnancies.
  15. What steps need to be taken to help eliminate the issue of homelessness in our communities?
  16. What should be done to help reduce the number of teenagers dropping out of school?
  17. Suggest ways that can be adopted to help reduce the social inequality gap.
  18. What can the government do to help lessen the burden of student loan debts?
  19. What can the local governments do to help reduce the unemployment rates?
  20. Even in the 21st century, child labor is still a major problem. What laws should the world enact to help deal with the scourge?
  21. How should the US and the world approach the issue of terrorism?
  22. Discuss ways the government and the general public can use to help deal with the issue of worker exploitation.
  23. Gun violence is indeed on the rise, suggest ways to help deal with this malaise.
  24. What are some of the ways to help the victims of war?
  25. What are some of the ways the government can use to make the public more receptive towards former criminals?
  26. Divorce numbers are indeed on the rise. What can be done to help reduce this percentage?
  27. Regardless of the increased sensitization, deaths as a result of drunk driving continue to increase. Suggest ways to help prevent the loss of lives as a result of the same.
  28. Illiteracy levels are indeed high. Suggest ways to help improve literacy levels.
  29. Human trafficking is indeed a scourge that needs to be eliminated. Discuss ways the world can adopt to help eliminate it.
  30. How should the world deal with the issue of global warming?
  31. What should be done to eliminate the problem of online data mining?
  32. How best can we deal with the cyberbullying problem?
  33. Should celebrities be protected from the nosy media?
  34. What should be done to help mitigate the inclusion of extremely graphical images in video games and movies?
  35. What can be done to make sure every person’s healthcare is guaranteed?
  36. How can the government and the private help increase the employment rates?
  37. How can education be made more affordable?
  38. What should be done to help reduce the dependence of money in politics?
  39. Discuss ways you think government surveillance is infringing on its people rights. How can this issue be dealt with?
  40. How can the government protect endangered wildlife?
  41. What can the government and the private sector do to reduce environmental pollution?
  42. Racism is indeed a thorn in our community. How can it be eliminated or mitigated?
  43. How can teachers help children who are victims of family abuse?
  44. What should be done to help increase the number of students who qualify for college education?
  45. What should students do to overcome the issue of postponing or procrastinating?
  46. Discuss ways that can help reduce the lung cancer problem.
  47. What should the government do to help deal with the issue of youth unemployment?
  48. Discuss ways we can adopt to help reduce air pollution.
  49. What can we do to help prevent the imminent ecological collapse?
  50. How can we reduce the impact of natural disasters?
  51. Suggest ways which can be employed to help reduce domestic violence cases.
  52. Discuss ways that should be adopted to help solve the ‘one size fits all’ approach to education.
  53. Discuss ways employers can use to motivate their employees.
  54. How can managers solve communication problems within their organizations?
  55. What should teachers do to help improve or boost creative thinking in students?
  56. Suggest ways students can adopt to help balance their school work and social life.
  57. How should companies deal with internet spams that seek to mine data?
  58. How should employees approach the issue of discrimination within the work place?
  59. How can families be sensitized to help reduce the increasing number of family breakdowns?
  60. What can be done to help reduce teenage smoking and alcohol intake?
  61. What legal procedures should be adopted to help eliminate corruption in the public offices?
  62. How should the government deal or help reduce the high cost of leaving?
  63. What should be done to help deal with segregation laws as well as the poor treatment of special needs students?
  64. What measures can schools adopt to help eliminate exam cheating?
  65. What should the responsible bodies do to help discourage the use of animals in scientific research?
  66. What should teachers do to help reduce and eliminate the issue of early pregnancy?
  67. What laws need to be enacted to help eliminate the issue of texting while driving?
  68. How can teachers help their students to improve their self-confidence?
  69. Suggest ways students can use to help improve their focus and concentration.
  70. How can people reduce anxiety?
  71. How can big cities reduce the problem of car accidents?
  72. Discuss ways which can help improve a child’s memory.
  73. How can society lower alcoholism rates?
  74. How can we deal with the issue of racial inequality within certain public offices and organizations?
  75. What are some of the ways that can be adopted to help teenagers avoid succumbing to eating disorders?
  76. How can teachers and parents make sure that children are appropriately using social media?
  77. Which programs should be introduced to make it easier to identify highly talented students?
  78. What can be done within the education curriculum to help make schools more accommodative and impactful towards special needs students?
  79. How can teachers help make their students more accommodative towards ethnically or culturally different students?
  80. Suggest ways that can be adopted to help obese people reduce weight?
  81. What should be done to help reduce heart related diseases?
  82. What approach should the police take to help reduce the number of criminal gangs?
  83. What laws need to adopted to help stop hate-speech?
  84. How can nepotism within our work places be stopped?
  85. How can teens’ isolation and loneliness be reduced within the school?
  86. What should be done to help reduce or deal with the problem of overpopulation?
  87. What laws or reforms to the current laws should cities adopt to help reduce traffic jams?
  88. How can students be motivated to attend lectures?
  89. What should teachers to help accommodate slow learners?
  90. Suggest ways students can adopt to help reduce or eliminate insomnia.
  91. What should be done to help eliminate identify theft?
  92. Discuss ways teachers can use to encourage teamwork among students?
  93. Discuss ways teachers can employ to discourage any cases of racial discrimination?
  94. Suggest ways employers can employ to help reduce and eliminate work stress among their employers.
  95. How can we save the ailing environment and reduce deforestation?
  96. What can be done to help reduce the number of forest fires recorded in a year?
  97. Discuss ways which can be adopted to help big cities reduce air pollution?
  98. What can the world do to help protect women and children during war?
  99. How can organizations eliminate gender-based discrimination?
  100. What should the world do to eradicate the seasonal issue of hunger?
  101. What can teachers do to help reduce laziness among students?

Do you still think that with every problem comes an opportunity? Well, sometimes it does. But sometimes with every problem comes the task to find a solution and write an essay about it. If the latter is your case, below you’ll find 50 great problem and solution essay topics that won’t leave your teachers indifferent:

Problem and Solution Essay Topics: Health

  1. Placebo effect can solve the problem of the substance overuse.
  2. The movement-based video games can solve the problem of motion sickness.
  3. Healthy lifestyles can help reduce depression.
  4. The use of cell phones can reduce anxiety.
  5. The ban of genetically modified foods can solve the problem of obesity.
  6. Revealing the non-retouched photos of models can reduce the instances of bulimia.
  7. The full ban of tobacco ads can reduce the lung cancer incidence.

Problem and Solution Essay Topics: Youth

  1. Parents shouldn’t pay for their kids’ college to make them more mature.
  2. The censorship of movie scripts can reduce violence.
  3. Group projects can solve the problem of bullying.
  4. Freelance jobs can reduce the youth unemployment rates.
  5. Young families shouldn’t live with parents to avoid divorces.
  6. Parents should tell their kids if they had been adopted to reduce stress.
  7. Kids should socialize with peers from early childhood to prevent communication problems.

Problem/Solution Essay Topics: Environment

  1. The promotion of bicycle use can reduce air pollution.
  2. One car per family rule can reduce global warming.
  3. The investment in renewable energy sources can solve the climate crisis.
  4. Creating marine protected areas can prevent the ecological collapse.
  5. Sustainable neighborhoods can prevent natural disasters.
  6. The removal of the dangerous chemicals from the air we breathe can reduce allergies.
  7. The use of pesticides should be banned to prevent health problems.

Problem and Solution Essay Topics: Society

  1. Psychological help might reduce the instances of domestic violence.
  2. Meditation can help reduce stress levels.
  3. Education is the best solution to the gun violence problem.
  4. Social advertizing is necessary for solving the problem of intersex individuals isolation.
  5. Down syndrome visibility in media can help families care for their kids.
  6. Adoption procedures should be made easier for gay couples.
  7. Teachers should pay special attention to the kids with special social needs in the classroom.

Problem and Solution Essay Topics: Education

  1. Teachers should use innovative devices in class to improve students’ engagement.
  2. Investment in virtual curriculum could make education more affordable.
  3. Customized curriculum could solve the ‘one size fits all’ problem of education.
  4. The educational innovators should receive the state grants.
  5. The state should encourage more male teachers to work at schools to make education more diverse.
  6. The standardized tests should be reformed to improve teachers’ creativity.
  7. Te class discussion should be used more often to measure students’ achievements.

Problem and Solution Essay Topics: Happiness

  1. Optimism helps people achieve success.
  2. Music can improve academic performance.
  3. Spending time with family and friends makes life meaningful.
  4. Spending time outdoors boosts positive mood.
  5. Hearing a baby laugh can fill a person with energy.
  6. The practice of sincere smiling can alleviate pain.
  7. Planning a trip (even if without taking it) can improve person’s health.

Problem Solving Essay Topics: Uncategorized

  1. Smart fridges can solve the problem of late night eating.
  2. The social media can solve the problem of teens’ isolation.
  3. Monitors which watch how a user is sitting can solve the problem of back pain.
  4. Technology-free days can reduce stress.
  5. Warm bubble bath can help generate great ideas.
  6. Volunteering makes people happier, as they get proud of what they are doing.
  7. A praise from boss can motivate employees.
  8. A family picnic in the park can solve communication problems.

Fresh Ideas for Problem Solution Essay Topics

  1. The problem of procrastination can be solved by calling it "preparing."
  2. How can we help homeless people in our community?
  3. Visits to the theater develop empathy.
  4. Looking at the stars stimulates brain activity.
  5. How can teenagers be convinced to drive more safely?
  6. Dancing boosts creative thinking.
  7. How can kids with divorced parents be helped to do well in school, have strong relationships, and build successful lives and marriages?
  8. Donations to Wikipedia boost public awareness.
  9. Watching horror films helps you lose weight.
  10. How can college students avoid the "Freshman 15" and eat healthily in college?
  11. Hormonal pills help reduce acne.
  12. What is the best way for college students to balance work, studying, classes, and social life?
  13. Reading before going to bed cures insomnia.
  14. How can college students handle problems with roommates?
  15. Ebooks save trees and the atmosphere.
Which one did you choose? Please, give the number in the comments.