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Eleanor Roosevelt : a Personal and Public Life Essay

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J. William T. Youngs
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Personal and Public Life
Longman, New York 2000

This book is about a woman who forever changed the course of women's role in American history. Eleanor Roosevelt was an extremely important figure in the history of the United States, especially during the twentieth century. The way the author uses the book to help the reader to feel included in Eleanor's life, makes the reader feel as if he knows Mrs. Roosevelt.
Eleanor was the daughter of Anna Hall and Elliot Roosevelt. She was born on October 11, 1885. The firstborn of the couple, she was their "miracle from heaven." (p.26) Her father had some problems and went to live in Virginia to straighten out his life. Eleanor was without her…show more content…

She was a well respected woman that many thought was going to lead woman in the fight for equal rights. When Franklin became the president of the United States, Eleanor had to accept her role as the first lady. Mrs. Roosevelt was not like the First Ladies before her. She made her mark on society. She got involved in politics. Franklin saw her as his "eyes and ears" for she would tell him what was going on throughout the country with "real" people she had met while Franklin remained in Washington D.C. She was a very important part of the presidential team. Franklin died in April of 1945, while still in office. This grieved Eleanor for they had been married forty years. Her husband's death did not stop her, however. She continued to make her mark on American history until she died from bone-marrow tuberculosis on November 7, 1962. Her life was one that was lived to the fullest. Issues Youngs raised in his book about Eleanor were politics: Democrats verses Republicans. He also talked of women's rights. He mentioned the war and its impact on Eleanor. By using these issues in the book, Youngs provide the reader with a view of who Eleanor Roosevelt really was and what she stood for. I think Youngs raised the right issues. The issues mentioned in the book are the issues that were important during that time, which also help the reader know what life was like in the early twentieth century. I think the author

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Eleanor Roosevelt and her Accomplishments Essays

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Eleanor Roosevelt and her Accoplishments

As the wife of a popular United States president, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City, October 11, 1884, and died November 7, 1962. She was an active worker for social causes. She was the niece of President Theodore Roosevelt, and was raised by her maternal grandmother after the premature death of her parents. In 1905 she married her cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They had six children, but one of them died in infancy. Although she was extremely shy, Eleanor worked hard and became a well known and admired humanitarian. (Webster III, 100).

When her husband became the President, Eleanor Roosevelt made herself a strong speaker on behalf of a wide range of social causes,…show more content…

A further thing that Eleanor was particularly interested in was the black Negro people. She had always been supportive for the equality of every person black or white. The works of Negroes were greatly admired by Eleanor. They inspired her to try to make changes to end discrimination. Once, she gave a White House party for delinquent Negro girls (Wilson, 693). Not many people approved of what she did for blacks, but that didn’t keep her from doing what she wanted to do. She also resigned from the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) because the organization refused to allow black singer Marian Anderson to perform in their concert hall. Eleanor had made sacrifices like this to help Negroes get the rights she thought they deserved, and she never cared what the public thought of her.

The many accomplishments made by Eleanor Roosevelt benefited mankind in many ways. Her determination to get more equality for women helped to start organizations to get these rights. As an outspoken leader, she encouraged women of all kinds to speak out for the equal rights that men have too. She had changed the thoughts of people and what they thought the role of a woman was all about. This accomplishment was a great benefit to the women of society.

Eleanor’s awareness of the treatment of the Jewish during the holocaust helped to save numerous lives because of what she was able to do. She rescued people from the horror of concentration camps by getting

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